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OK, so it’s been a pause of epic proportions… more than 4 months in duration if I’m being honest.  In the last few days, I’ve had two different friends/readers check in to see if we are OK, having not seen a post in a great while.  Mike would tell you I’ve been talking about needing to get caught up, and indeed, there is a lot to catch up on.  I’m considering myself nudged.  Note that I’ll be backdating posts to come to maintain some sense of chronology.

Since I left off blogging in early February in St Augustine, we’ve been…

… south to the Vero Beach area where we hung out on a mooring for awhile, caught up with some cruising friends and met some new folks, as well as hooked up with some long-time friends from Ohio, several of whom were camping in the Kissimmee area for a stretch.  How fun it was to compare our boat life with those who’ve recently taken up camping with tow-behind campers…

… then back to St Augustine for another couple of months where I celebrated another birthday as did some friends, made a return visit to both the bird rookery at the Alligator Farm and the Gamble Rogers Music Festival among other things…

…during which time we also rented a car for a month-long road trip from north Florida to Los Angeles and back with many fun stops along the way…

… and we helped some friends move their 51′ Morgan Out Island from St Augustine to Ft Lauderdale, my (Lori’s) first real adventure on a monohull except for occasional day sails, about a 3 1/2 day offshore adventure.

Just ahead of the beginning of June, which is also the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, we moved our Cheshire up to a marina off of the St John’s River, not too far from downtown Jacksonville where we’ll hang out through the summer-into-fall.  We’ve been here a couple of times before, but for shorter stays.  This time through, we plan to dig a little deeper.  It’s a comfy protected marina with great amenities including a pool and free laundry, both of which will be handy as we move further into the summer.  I’ve found a local yoga studio and we’ve sorted out the JTA  (Jax’s public transportation system) for when our folding bikes aren’t up for the distance.  We’ve got a running list of places we want to explore and Mike of course has a long list of restaurants he wants to check out.  As always, there will be some routine boat chores/projects, but as of this writing, nothing too heavy duty, and definitely to be scheduled in the early and late parts of the day… it’s already quite warm here.  My mid-day plan is to hide out in the air-conditioning and blog.

Time flies…

Today happens to be the 6-year anniversary of our moving aboard our Cheshire.  Just for fun, I re-read an early post (the text of which I actually sent via e-mail lists before I had this blog up and running)… find it here if you too are interested in the flashback.

We’ve also just sent our passports off to be renewed, reminiscing a bit about the places we’ve been in recent years and options for the years to come… and picked up some “alternate” passports to keep us occupied in the meantime.


Stay tuned, and thanks for checking in.








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Blogging from the Bahamas

Those who know us are familiar with our habit of taking some time each spring to head somewhere warm for our anniversary, March 2.  That habit took us to some interesting places while we were living on dirt, but as the Captain said this morning, three months in the Bahamas may win the prize.

Yep, we’re here.  And we’ve managed to track down a sim card for one of our i-Phones so we have some limited connectivity as well.  Regarding the blog, my plan is to stay current on the narrative, but given our limited connectivity, will edit to add photos later as we find real wifi.  Check back regularly and thanks in advance for your patience.

We also picked up a new toy during our wait in Key Largo, a DeLorme InReach satellite tracking device, which I’ve figured out how to link to CatTales (yea me!).  Down the right hand column, look for a button called “Track Us”.  It’s also under a tab called “Maps” across the top of the page, along with some other maps from our earlier travels.

Feedback welcome, and as always, thanks for following along.

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New Blog Features

OK, so I’m learning as I go, about blogging among other things…

For those who haven’t discovered it yet, there is a feature on the slideshow (which by the way is the most straight-forward way for me to post a number of photos) that let’s you hover your cursor over a photo in the slideshow and get a pop-up that gives options of forward, backward, pause, etc.

And even more interesting I think, is a new Google map feature I’ve been working on.  From the main page, down the right hand column in the section titled “Curiouser and curiouser” there is now a link titled “Find us” that will take you to a Google map  that shows our stops along the way.  You might need to play with the zoom in/out a bit.  It’s flakey, but free and will help you keep track of our progress.  There are little anchor icons for places we’ve dropped the hook or picked up a mooring ball, blue markers are marinas we’ve visited and the place markers in pink are places we’ve spent more than a few days.

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for your feedback and patience.


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New Feature

As I’ve said before, I’m learning as I go about this blogging stuff.  I’ve added a new feature as of the “Bridges” post.  If you hover over a location mentioned in the text that’s highlighted and it says “google map”, that means I’ve linked to a map of our current location at that time.  Most of the time, our anchorage or marina will be noted with a blue pin, unless as I’ve learned that location is a military base… in which case you’ll get a general map, but not a blue-pinned map.  Mike’s hoping that Homeland Security doesn’t come looking for us.

Enjoy, and thanks again for your patience.


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Welcome Aboard!

Greetings All and welcome to Cat Tales, our new blog detailing our adventures aboard S/V Cheshire.  We’re glad to have you along.  First a bit of catching up…  literally.  The first few posts will be an attempt to upload some of our previously e-mailed installments and an update regarding recent weeks.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to tweak or correct dates, so I’ll apologize in advance for any confusion.  Disclaimer: I’m not the most computer savvy, but I’m trying to figure this out with minimal consulting of my onboard computer geek.   Thanks in advance for your patience.


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